There are 5 different types of animation and it is a must for all those interested in this field to have a basic knowledge about this. This also serves as a good beginner`s guide for it elaborates on what exactly animation is all about and how is this helpful in many different fields.

  • Traditional animation - this is the oldest form of animation and here every movement of a single model or a cartoon character is hand drawn sequentially. If you recollect the thoughts and memories of your flip book then you will be able to correlate this concept to that easily. It is the sequential hand drawing of each motion intended for a particular picture or a movie which was combined at the end to complete the movie like how we use to flip the pages of the flip book to create the illusion of the pictures really moving.

  • Motion graphics – this is a different form of animation wherein texts and pictures are animated unlike the others wherein the various pictures, models, and images of cartoon characters are made to move to create a movie or a video. This is mainly used for promotional purposes. This is an art of creatively moving the texts and elements to create a motion graphic picture representing a company or an organization or a promotional advertisement.

  • Stop motion – this is very similar to the traditional animation type. The major difference between these two is that in the traditional animation, the different movements of a picture or a character are hand drawn and then they are made to move while in stop motion a camera is used to capture the images. A photo of a particular picture or an image is taken using a camera. Now the camera is moved a little bit on the other side to click the next photo and likewise, the process continues. Now all these different shots are combined to make a complete picture. This compilation of pictures is what brings us the beautiful movies and video developed using this stop motion.

These are some of the various types of animation that are used in different fields for making some good motion pictures.